Events in Nova Scotia

Last year, over 30 events took place across Canada, from Halifax to Whitehorse, to mark World Hepatitis Day 2012! The events helped bring awareness to viral hepatitis and in some cases onsite testing and vaccination were provided. All of the 2012 WHD Events are listed below. Thank you to all those who participated!

Are you holding an event for World Hepatitis Day in Canada 2013?

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2012 Events

British Columbia Manitoba Nova Scotia Ontario Ontario Québec Québec Québec Saskatchewan Yukon

Nova Scotia

Hepatitis Outreach Society of Nova Scotia (Truro, Sydney, Halifax, Dartmouth) Education and Awareness Campaign
The Hepatitis Outreach Society of Nova Scotia invites the public to join them in setting a Guinness World record on Saturday, July 28th at the Halifax waterfront Helipad by Bishops Landing, 1475 Lower Water St. Come at 11:30 to enjoy entertainment, freebies and lots of fun. At 12:00 noon we will join the greatest number of people around the globe doing the “see no, hear no and speak no evil actions” to highlight the need to spread the word about hepatitis prevention and treatment.
In collaboration with: Nova Scotia Public Health, Springhill Federal Institution, Northern AIDS Connection, Healing Our Nations and AIDS Coalition of Cape Breton
When: Friday, July 27th and Saturday, July 28th, and workshops throughout the month
Where: Truro, Sydney, Halifax, Dartmouth
Contact: Colin Green,

Nova Institution for Women – Healthcare (Truro) Interactive Event for Inmate Education and Awareness
In collaboration with: Local AIDS Coalition and Healing Our Nations organizations
When: July 23rd – July 27th
Where: Nova Institution for Women, Truro
Contact: Denise Dye,