10 Steps to a Successful WHD Event

These are just a few helpful tips for planning a successful World Hepatitis Day in Canada event. Click here to download a pdf document containing these tips.

1.   Identify Clear Goals & Objectives

  • Figure out what you want to achieve. Do you want to increase community awareness and distribute information, or offer screening and vaccinations as well?

2.  Form a Planning Committee

3.  Funding

  • Draft a budget for your event and determine whether fundraising is needed.
  • Write proposals for donations and in-kind contributions, and contact local businesses that might be willing to contribute.

4.   Logistics

  • Choose an appropriate event location. Remember: your event goers need to feel comfortable at your event.
  • Make a list of necessary supplies, such as chairs, tables, garbage/recycling bins, portable toilets, extension cords, ladders, etc.
  • Create a backup plan for outside events in case of rain.

5.   Recruit Volunteers

  • Create a volunteer recruitment poster and post it at local universities and busy areas.
  • Contact student groups at local universities for volunteers
  • Create a list of volunteer responsibilities and assign them to your volunteers, such as setting up before the event, taking photos, first aid, and cleaning up afterwards.

6.   Involve Local Media

  • Use established contacts, if available, to encourage media involvement.
  • Create a press release and contact local radio stations and newspapers.

7.   Advertising and Event Promotion

  • Use a variety of avenues to increase awareness of your event and get people to attend.
  • Upload event information on websites and use social media (facebook and twitter).
  • Develop event flyers and post them in busy areas and at related outreach organizations.
  • Create different flyers for different target audiences (for example, create a more youth-focused flyer to specifically engage youth in the community).

8.   Invite Local Government

  • Draft a formal invite letter for the Mayor, MPs, MPPs, City Councillors, sponsors, police officers, etc. Invite them to speak at the event to engage them and emphasize their presence.
  • Contact the Mayor’s office to obtain a World Hepatitis Day Proclamation.

9.   Entertainment

  • Keep the target audience in mind when planning entertainment.
  • Put up decorations, play music, play games, and serve free food to draw people to the event.
  • Hold a raffle with donated prizes to keep people at your event.

10.   Feedback and Evaluation

  • Encourage event goers to give their feedback about the event.
  • Have them fill out a short survey about what they learned and what they liked or did not like about the event. Use this feedback to identify areas for improvement for future events.